A framework for FPGA-assisted real-time simulation and interfaces


VILLASfpga is an extension to VILLASnode for hard real-time / FPGA-supported simulation. For local real-time co-simulations, VILLASfpga provides an FPGA-based hard real-time interconnect to couple simulators and HIL testbenches. VILLASfpga consists of a reconfigurable cross-bar switch to adjust signal routing during runtime and provides DMA engines for data transfer to the VILLASnode software gateway.



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VILLASfpga is presented and/or used by the following publications.

We kindly ask acadmic users of our tools to cite the following paper in their own publications.

Also check the list of publications of VILLASframework.


  • VILLASfpga (Master Thesis defense - Steffen Vogel - 20th July 2016 - Aachen, Germany)


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2018, Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems, EONERC


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VILLASfpga is currently closed-source due to propietary firmware components which we can not share. Please contact Steffen Vogel for details.

Other licensing options available upon request. Please contact Prof. Antonello Monti for further details.

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Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems (ACS) EON Energy Research Center (EONERC) RWTH University Aachen, Germany